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These standard rules are valid for orders made in the online store kekis.lv (hereinafter INTERNET STORE) in Latvian or English, between the person (hereinafter BUYER) who places the order and SIA KEKIS.LV (hereinafter SERVICE PROVIDER). The existing terms of the contract are valid from 20.05.2014.


A distance contract is an agreement between a CONSUMER (PTAL Article 1, Clause 3) and a seller (PTAL Article 1, Clause 5) or a service provider (PTAL Article 1, Clause 4), based on an offer by the seller or service provider with an addressed or unaddressed through a printed matter, letterhead, catalog, advertisement published in the press with an order coupon attached, telephone, facsimile, Internet, electronic mail, television, radio and other means of sending or transmitting information.


The distance contract is deemed to have entered into force as soon as the CONSUMER has placed an order via the Internet, telephone or other technological means and has received confirmation of the placed order from the SERVICE PROVIDER via electronic mail. Orders and order confirmations are deemed received when they are accessible by the parties to whom they are addressed.


The SERVICE PROVIDER undertakes to fulfill the terms of the distance contract no later than 30 days after receiving the order from the CONSUMER, unless the contracting parties have agreed on another term. If the SERVICE PROVIDER cannot fulfill the contract because the product ordered by the CONSUMER is not available, then the SERVICE PROVIDER is obliged to inform the CONSUMER about it. In that case, the SERVICE PROVIDER can offer the CONSUMER an equivalent product at an equivalent price.


The right of the consumer to unilaterally withdraw from the contract within a certain period of time, without paying a contractual penalty, interest or damages. The right of withdrawal, the procedure and the deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal are determined by the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and the Cabinet of Ministers' Regulations of May 20, 2014 No. 255 - "Regulations on the distance contract".

Right of withdrawal in relation to a distance contract:

By purchasing an item in an Internet store, you can exercise your right of withdrawal and unilaterally withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days of the date of receipt of the item if you have not agreed with the vendor on a longer term.

The seller must provide the consumer with a withdrawal form stating the name, address and a description of the right of withdrawal at the time of sale of the goods or transfer of the order.

If the Internet Store has not provided you with information on the exercise of the right of withdrawal, you may unilaterally withdraw from the contract within one year from the date of receipt of the item, but you have received the information within 14 days at the latest.

Sending a withdrawal form by post or electronically completing the form specifically intended for it within the time limit specified on the website shall exempt you from any contractual obligation. . It is your duty to return the goods or cases to the trader within fourteen days of sending a written refusal.

The seller or service provider shall be obliged to repay, without delay, not later than within 14 days from the date of receipt of the written refusal, the amount of money paid for the goods, case or service until the time of termination of the contract. . The seller or service provider is entitled to suspend the refund until he has received the goods or proof that it has been returned.

In the case of the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the costs of returning the goods to the Internet shop shall be borne by the consumer, except in certain cases where the trader himself has agreed to cover them.

If you exercise your right of withdrawal, you are obliged to return the goods to the seller without undue delay, but not later than fourteen days after sending the written refusal.


When entering into a distance contract, you cannot exercise the right of withdrawal (unless you have agreed otherwise with the seller):

      • if you have purchased an audio recording or video recording or a computer program and have opened its packaging.
      • if newspapers, periodicals and journals are delivered to you.
      • if you have entered into an open auction.
      • if you are delivered a perishable item or will soon be expired.
      • if you enter into a contract for accommodation services (excluding rental of accommodation), transport of goods, rental of vehicles, catering or entertainment events, which you must receive on a given day and time (e.g. concert tickets, air tickets, organisation of birthday celebrations).
      • if you purchased items supplied according to your order, or an item that is unambiguously personalized (for example, furniture by individual order).
      • where the price of the goods or service purchased depends on fluctuations in the financial market, which cannot be controlled by the seller.
      • if you enter into a contract for the provision of the service and the performance of the service with your agreement started before the end of the 14-day period, and you have shown that you will lose your right of withdrawal from the date when the service contract is fully fulfilled.
      • if you have opened a package for a product that cannot be returned for health and hygiene reasons.
      • if you have purchased an item that, because of its characteristics, has irreversibly mixed with other things after delivery.
      • if you have entered into a contract for the supply of an alcoholic beverage that can be made after a period of 30 days, and you have already agreed the price at the time of conclusion of the contract, but its value depends on market fluctuations.
      • if you have called for urgent repairs or maintenance work, the right of withdrawal shall apply only to additional services or goods other than the necessary spare parts for the purpose of carrying out the intended repairs or maintenance work.
      • if you have entered into a contract for the supply of digital content that is not supplied on a durable medium and with your consent and confirmation of the loss of the right of withdrawal, the supply of digital content has started.


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